New Condo Investors in Toronto Face Growing Risk that Rent Won’t Cover Expenses

This is an interesting article on the carrying costs of residential condominiums.  The underlying message is that carrying costs including realty taxes, maintenance fees and debt service are now higher for investors as property value and interest rate increases are rising faster than rental … [Read more...]

City of Toronto – Avenues and Mid-Rise Building Study

May 3, 2014 Toronto City Council has extend the monitoring period to the end of 2014 to allow staff to complete consultations on the effectiveness of the Mid-Rise Building Performance Standards.  The Study recommends that many of the major arteries in the city including, in the Lower West End of … [Read more...]

Urban Office Locations Enable Employees to Walk to Work

March 20, 2014 A new article at discusses the trend of employees preferring to work in communities that are walkable and offer a mix of residential and entertainment options: Research and market observations have revealed that the new generation of employees is clear on what they want … [Read more...]